Cancellation & Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Career Saarthi renders services including, but not limited to, career assessments, career counselling and career mentorship, which act as a bonafide guide to the user and the services are rendered as soon as availed, therefore these will be the terms and conditions of refunds:

  1. A refund can only be initiated within 30 days of making the payment.
  2. A full refund can only be initiated, if no career counselling sessions have not been availed by the user.
  3. A partial refund of 50 % of the paid account can be initiated ,only before the career report has been shared with the user. The user can initiate a refund by sending an email to anjali@careersaarthi.com
  4. Please note that the following activities aren’t included in the counselling sessions and refunds for these reasons will not be initiated:
      1. Counselling for personal/emotional issues. This requires a session with a clinical psychologist or counsellor.
      2. Compelling users to change careers towards a particular direction. The shortlisted careers must be based on the users’ inherent interests, as this will help them tackle the challenges they will face during the course of their career.

Cancellation Policy:


  1. A cancellation can be done any time only, if no sessions or services of Career Saarthi have been availed.
  2. A session can be cancelled or rescheduled within 12 hours’ notice to Career Saarthi. 
  3. An email needs to be written to anjali@careersaarthi.com to cancel or reschedule your session.
  4. In the event of a cancellation of the services of Career Saarthi, you will be eligible for a refund as per the refund policy .
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