How to build a strong profile and personal brand for high school students ?

Saturday , June 11th
7:30 pm onwards

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Amplify your college applications with the right projects ,internships ,extra curriculars ,skills -creating an overall strong personal statement.

Anjali Saraogi

Founder ,Career Saarthi

Learn from & Interact with a Harvard mentor and an
International expert.

Topics Included:

  • You will learn what makes a strong profile.
  • How to build a strong personal brand in High school.
  • You will interact with our Harvard mentor and International expert.

About The Harvard mentor

I am a student at Harvard in the class of 2024, originally from Newton, MA. I am studying Applied Math with an application field in Sociology. In high school, I interned in my school’s Center for Civic Engagement and Service, and I also played tennis. Now that I’m in college, I have enjoyed being a member of the Harvard Open Data Project and Expressions Dance Company !

Hallie Zenga- Josephson

Harvard school

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