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Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities by becoming an incredible socialprenuer with Career Saarthi. Socialpreneur are entreprenurs, who recognize a need in their community or in society as a whole and then seek out ways to feed this need and thereby creating a significant social impact - that's the fulfilling life, you can lead when you partner with Career Saarthi.

Expectations from the partner:

All you have to do is put in your determination, passion, focus and love! You will get to choose your workplace and your own working hours. No compromise on family time, carry on with your other hobbies or interests, go wherever & whenever you want to, and keep on earning based on the hours you work. Incredible, isn’t it! Given below is what we expect our socialpreneurs to do in a nutshell:

1. Evangelize the idea of Career Saarthi among parents & students within your social community.
2. Explain the services offered by Career Saarthi ,espescially the Global career engine (GCE) available at
3. Get students to register and login into
4. Participate in webinars & trainings provided by us.
5. That’s it, it’s that simple!!!

Support provided by Career Saarthi

Career Saarthi believes that building and investing in people helps them grow; and the company grows together with them.

Career Saarthi promises to support you throughout. We create an environment where you get to nurture yourself, groom yourself and learn how to climb the ladder of success. And when you succeed, we make sure everyone gets to know your success and be inspired.

With Career Saarthi’s Unlimited Possibilities, you get to be self-dependent, earn extra income, which in turn will bring in travel, fun and excitement. The support will be provided to our partners including but not limited to the following:

1. Provide regular training & support to become a successful socialpreneur.
2. Lead discussions in groups organized by the partner.
3. Access to our unique Global career engine on the website, which provides access to valuable information regarding universities across the world ,career options with videos ,scholarships process and much more.
4. Marketing support in terms of whatsapp videos, leaflets and other collaterals.
5. Monthly sharing of revenue with the partner.

We would be delighted to partner with you as a “Career Saarthi” socialpreneuer and be a part of this exciting journey.

Our esteemed Partners