We conduct Masterclasses and workshops in both an offline and online mode in schools & corporates. We have delivered highly impactful Career counselling Masterclasses in prestigious schools like Bombay Cambridge International, Billabong High school, Amara Jyothi school and NCFE School and corporates like Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

Today’s children & parents are flooded with massive amount of information regarding careers, courses & colleges. To add to the confusion, there are changes being announced every day in the education policy, eligibility criteria, college tie ups, etc. It is difficult to keep track of everything and understand its implication on your career choices.

This workshop is expected to cover all the latest updates in the education policy and exciting new career opportunities in India and abroad including:

1. 3-Secrets to a Successful Career Plan.
2. A 6 -Step tried and tested formula to Career Planning
3. 3-Exciting New Age Tools to Career Planning.

Profile Building

We work hand in hand with our students towards achieving a competitive edge! By providing guidance towards engaging summer programs, short term internships, job shadowing opportunities and research projects we help in creating unique and college ready profiles.

We have a set of exclusive pro-bono & paid programs from Stanford, Harvard, Yale, New York University & other Ivy league Institutes that cover a range of subject areas and skill sets required to flourish in a fast-changing world and help build the profile of students.

With our collaborations at Stanford University, Harvard Student Agencies and other Ivy League Universities, we have carried out programs in Leadership, Research, Medical, Law, Sustainability & Development Scholars, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Design Thinking, Writing, Poetry, Debating, Public speaking, etc. We have students anticipating in our programs globally and making a significant impact on the world.


Our program revolves around a long-term one-on-one mentorship model, where we map the student with an experienced professional (Mentor) from their desired career path. The student receives guidance from the mentor right from high school till the time they graduate from college. This forms a deep bond between the mentor and the student which enables tailored guidance suiting the niche needs of every child.

Our mentorship program is our flagship program and our mentors come from diverse backgrounds including top corporates and institutes like IITs.

Some of the features of the program :-
- Personal guidance from experienced industry professionals
- Full life cycle support from a proven mentor
- Internships and projects at a high school level to gain a deeper understanding of your desired career path before you commit to it
- Certificate and Letter of Recommendation.

Competitive Exams

We conduct classes for competitive exams for different exams in India. A complete SAT & IELTS preparation program from experts in the given areas to bring out the best from the students. Full-length Official SAT mock tests & all 4 segments of IELTS are monitored online & replicating examination scenario.

The preparation is spread over 10-15 weeks depending upon the individual requirements. Exhaustive online study material (Theory and Practice Books) & intensive study material is provided. A Bimonthly progress report on mock test scores to students and parents and Personal Study Coach to track your progress is provided.

We like to conduct preparation in small batches in a highly personalized manner.

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