Need for Career Counselling

As per Ms. Anjali, the need for career counselling can be best expressed from her own experience. “I was always interested in History and English but coming from a family of Engineers, Science and Medicine were the only rewarding career options on the table.I realized my true calling through trial and error and lost a few valuable years in this process. I would never want any child to go through the same experience ever.”

With career options increasing by the day, it is very important that children are guided in the right direction and at the right time by able career counsellors. In this time of information overload, it is essential that every child is enabled through proper career guidance as that would help them realize their full potential from an early age.

“Imagine, if each individual could make a career out of his passion ,we have so many more Sachin Tendulkars, AR Rehmans and Sundar Pichais! All these brilliant individuals were fortunate to find their calling at a young age and find a great coach who helped them succeed in life. All that is needed is a guide or a coach and timely understanding of one's calling. Then the Skys is the only limit.”, she exclaims.

As a certified global career counsellor with years of career guidance experience, Ms.Anjali sees herself as an agent of change to drive students to their dream careers.