What is Career Saarthi

Career Saarthi is an edu-tech platform to support students and help them achieve fulfilling careers with world class career counselling services and resources. We provide a one stop solution to students and parents right at their door steps across India & the world.

As per ancient Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna played the role of a “Saarthi” (Charioteer) - a master strategist, a guide and mentor for Arjuna. This led to the eventual epic victory of the Pandavas in the battle of Mahabharata.

A career is like a chariot in a student's life and we would like to play a similar role of a Saarthi in his/her quest for success.

Why Career Counselling

In this era of information overload, it is essential that every child is enabled through proper career guidance, as that would help them realize their full potential from an early age.

All these brilliant individuals had 2 things in common:

• Fortunate to discover their calling at a young age.
• Find a great coach who helped them succeed in life.

We at Career Saarthi aspire to be such mentors, helping our students discover their talent and guiding them to their dream careers. Career counselling services is the best investment that parents can make in their child to help them discover their talents, succeed & live a happy life.

Our approach & services

We at Career Saarthi aspire to be a similar mentor, guiding our students to their dream career. Through an empathetic, scientific and step by step approach, our expert counsellor, will help the student understand his strength areas and draw out a detailed roadmap for the future. Right from identifying the best fit stream to selecting the best fit universities, profile building(resumes ,Statement of purpose (SOP’s) and extracurriculars, and vital admission related information including examination patterns and scholarships process. In a nutshell, this is a one stop platform for a student’s all career related needs.

Our Services

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